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Restaurant Vier Jahreszeiten in Bad Urach: regional specialties and products from the biosphere reserve Swabian Jura
Our restaurant includes the Uracher Stube and the Restaurant “Vier Jahreszeiten”, which lets you choose how you would like to spend your time at the “Vier Jahreszeiten” relaxed and pleasant. You can watch the busy town drinking a fresh beer from the tap or a glass of wine from our bar & lounge in the pedestrian zone. Our seasonal menu lets us prepare individual specialties based on the offers of our regional farmers.
We cook what nature provides.

Die Biosphären Gastgeber

Swabian Delight

The Biosphere Reserve

The natural atmosphere and unspoilt character of the biosphere reserve in the Swabian Jura inspires our work every day. Discover the marvelous landscape and enjoy the benefits of the Swabian way of life. We keep our region’s culture alive and offer an authentic atmosphere as well as delicious dishes prepared according to traditional recipes.

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Restaurant Vier Jahreszeiten

Enjoy Regional Specialties

We get most of our ingredients from Baden Württemberg – “Schmeck den Süden”/“Taste the South”. We support our local farmers and our food does not have to be shipped far, which is better for the environment. The natural and honest way we prepare our dishes guarantees a healthy and delicious experience.
By the way: we use no glutamate in any of our dishes.

Our kitchen staff is trained to meet specific requirements, such as gluten intolerance and allergies. Please inform our service staff about any special dietary requirements that you may have.

Restaurant opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday

Dinner from 6 PM to 10 PM
Warm kitchen until 8 PM
Currently closed at lunchtime

Closed on Sunday and Monday

Enjoy Swabian Specialties

Always in Good Company

Book a Table

Book a table now or experience our versatile facilities for a private event with 8 to 150 guests. Our house offers the right setting for any occasion. Pick your favorite place to sit and let our skilled kitchen team spoil you with their delicious and versatile cooking.

Some of our Regional Partners:

Metzgerei Schneider (butchery in Pliezhausen), Schäferei Stotz (shepherd in Münsingen), Ermstalfischerei (fisher in Bad Urach), Gemüse Bader (vegetable shop in Bad Urach), Berg Brauerei (brewery in Ehingen/Berg), Zwiefalter Klosterbräu (brewery in Zwiefalten), Böhringer Mühle (mill in Böhringen), Champignonzucht Geiselhardt (mushroom proucer in Ehestetten), Auhof (farm in Neuhausen), eggs from Rudis Hühnerhof (chicken farm in Hohenstein-Eglingen), potatos from Marc Wörz (farmer in Oberstetten), turkeys, ducks and geese from the Dangelhof (farm in Altdorf), cheese from the Altschulzenhof (farm in Münzdorf)

Typically Swabian Food

House-Made “Maultaschen”

We offer different variations of these typically Swabian large raviolis.
In addition to the classic farmer’s Maultasche, which is filled with beef and pork, we also make them with different types of special fillings: venison, lamb from the region, salmon trout, and spinach-feta filling. All our Maultaschen are house-made in the traditional way. One of our most popular dishes is our set of Maultaschen. It includes one Maultasche with venison, one with lamb and one with spinach-feta filling.
You can also buy these specialties to take home.


Parties & Events

The Flair Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten offers you the perfect atmosphere for 8 to 150 guests and we will make sure that your celebration becomes a huge success.
With our menus, buffet suggestions and many other useful information, we will help you plan your event.

Our Catering Service
If you ever need a special setting for your celebration, there are excellent choices available in the area of Bad Urach.
We will gladly cater to your event in another location with the same friendly service mentality and authentic friendliness that you know from our hotel and restaurant.

Swabian Delights

The “Biospheren-Gastgeber”

The hotel and restaurant owners of the biosphere reserve Swabian Alb have joined forces to create the Biosphärengastgebern, the biosphere hosts, to express their connection to this unique cultural landscape and to emphasize their passion for their work.

The Biosphärengastgeber (biosphere hosts) are proud of their region and feel responsible for it. This is dedication that our guests can feel. Lamb in herb crust, trouts from the crystal-clear streams of our valleys, excellent spirits made from fruits that were harvested in fruit-tree meadows of the region: The biosphere tastes good. One of a kind. Typical regional dishes and ingredients straight from the biosphere reserve Schwäbische Alb are a matter of course for the members of Biosphärengastgeber.

Sustainability is more than a buzz word for the Biosphärengastgeber. It is the central idea that all member hotels and restaurants as well as their partners believe in. All members commit themselves to saving our natural resources and using sustainable equipment and materials. All Biosphärengastgeber are striving to receive renowned certifications, such as “EMAS”, “Schmeck den Süden” or “ServieQualität Deutschland”. This illustrates the high standard that they set for themselves.

As a member of the Biosphärengastgeber, we believe in quality and a healthy connection to our home.

Packages & Last Minute Offers

Our Offers

Here are our special offers for your vacation, weekend or short trip to Bad Urach. Enjoy hiking on premium hiking trails, shopping in Metzingen, spa visits to the Albthermen, bike or motorbike rides in the heart of the Swabian Jura. You can also easily reach day-trip destinations, such as Stuttgart, Ulm, Tübingen and Hohenzollern Castle, from Bad Urach.